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6 GREAT Reasons to Pop-in to Kasakosa this week!!

6 GREAT Reasons to Pop-in to Kasakosa this week!!

Here they are, as promised!

1. It’s your last chance… We’re closing 6pm this Saturday 31st Jan!! Fear not, we’re planning a few shows and expos this Summer and the website will always be there, but can you wait that long to see us!??

2. To grab that much coveted item you’ve had your eyes on for the past few visits! We know there’s something you like here ;) How about our furniture, that’s quite unlike anyone else’s!?


3. A Brand NEW range has arrived!! Himalayan Woollen throws – Super soft, super durable, incredibly large and what’s more, they’re totally eco friendly… £160 each we’ve only got three left (hurry, hurry ;)) Click here to read more.


4. We’ve got NEW stock – Gorgeous woollen Ponchos, miniature devi pendents, Exquisite Woollen Rugs, Kantha quilts and cushions.


5.Because we’ll miss you… we’ve really had a lot of fun shopping and socialising these past two months.. having a little piece of the high street to call our own.. I’ll stop before I get nostalgic already ;)


6. You may get to meet our beloved pooch! or Fergus as we like to call him. He’s been a regular favourite with some people stopping by, purely to make a social call :)

Hopefully by now, you’re more excited than ever to come and visit us this week, it’ll be great to see you and what’s more… It’ll definitely make us happy even if you just come and say hello!

You probably know where to find us already but to be on the safe side, here’s our address anyway:

16 Lavant Road,
GU32 3EW

A word to the wise… A lot of the items are one of a kind, so if you like it… chances are someone else will too! ;)

Call Karoline on 07931 307 810 for information and reservations.

Click here to visit Kasakosa.com or click below to socialise with us in your preferred online format!


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