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Ardingly’s Spring Garden and Leisure Show

Ardingly’s Spring Garden and Leisure Show

Ardingly’s Spring Garden and leisure Show – Sunday and Monday 4th, 5th of May

First of all a very big thank you to everyone who came and saw Kasakosa this weekend in Ardingly. We had a great time and it was a pleasure talking to you all and making new friends. Now in true British fashion I shall begin by telling you a little bit about the weather. Now, although the sun did come out on the Monday (see above), Sunday was a different story all together.

Having set our Marquee up in a small windstorm a few days earlier, we were very happy to see it still standing when we arrived. True to form the English weather didn’t disappoint, we were met with drizzle, rain and wind from the onset.

Something we may have arrived a little underprepared for!

We now know that puffer jackets (or at least this one) although tremendously warm are not in the slightest bit waterproof.

Poor Karoline, she was wet right through, her spirits were dampened and we hadn’t even set out our stall out fully. It was looking like a long day ahead.

but there was hope…

One of our neighbouring stalls was selling some rather trendy wet weather gear, something we just couldn’t resist. We now both have wet weather outfits that we’re a little too excited about :) We were once again full of the joys of spring and ready to enjoy the rest of the show. Amazing what a little bit of retail therapy can do for you ;)

Ardingly - wet weather gear

Hiding from the rain in our Marquee in my new waterproof jacket :)

The (rest of the) show:

What a wonderful show for dog lovers, being a prestigious qualifier for Crufts, lots of top breeders and their dogs had come to compete. There were literally hundreds of dog breeds on show – amazing varieties, many of which I had never seen before. Big one’s, small one’s, short one’s, tall one’s.. it was a real pleasure. (apologies for technical description ;) )

There were also prized bulls, rams, sheep and poultry on display and of course there were the Alpacas, who are enjoying increasing popularity throughout England due to their amazing wool. For those of you who might not know, It’s incredibly soft. Think along the lines of Pashmina / Merino / Angora. Great for warm winter sweaters, shawls and scarves.

shaggy-ram shaggy wool alpaca big brown bull alpacas-brown


I ended up spending most of my breaks perusing the food hall which was offering sumptuous local delights and delicacies, which as you may expect, turned out to be thoroughly enjoyable :)

For those of you thinking about going I would thoroughly recommend it but if you can’t wait for next years show then there is always the South of England Show in June. Maybe, we’ll see you there.

We’ll definitely be back in Ardingly for The South of England Food & Drink Festival  on Sunday the 24th of May. Come along to the show ground for “a day of fun, frolics and food,” Think quaint Victorian curiosity Show. Think picnics in the glorious Sussex countryside. Come along for a good old fashioned knees up. Come along to see our stunning Parasols!

Click here to get your early bird tickets £6 Adult, plus one child FREE, (usually £2), Children under 5 FREE.

Have a look at this little teaser video for the event :)



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