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Brand NEW Embroidered Parasols!!!

Brand NEW Embroidered Parasols!!!

We’ve got some Exciting NEWS for you!

We have a brand new delivery of embroidered parasols on their way… you’ll be the first to know when they’re in… so watch this space! (They’re finished and just about ready to ship!)

The designs keep getting better and better… but here’s a taste of what we’ve seen before… just to remind you of the quality of these wonderful parasols, they really are first class.

The craftsmanship and the work that has gone into them really does deserve the recognition and response they have received.

We hope you think so too!

Remember, no two are alike, each one is completely unique and therefore very special!







Click here to see more from our collection of fabulous images of our Indian Summer Embroidered Parasols

If the tension is too much for you to bear you could always…

Call us on 07931307810 or email info@kasakosa.com to reserve yourself a parasol ahead of the general release (payment will be required upfront).


Fill in the space…

If you don’t [blank] now, you’ll regret it once they’re gone.


Why not enter our competition to win one!? or leave us a message below!


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