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  • Brand NEW Embroidered Parasols!!!

    Brand NEW Embroidered Parasols!!!

    We’ve got some Exciting NEWS for you! We have a brand new delivery of embroidered parasols on their way… you’ll be the first to know when they’re in… so watch this space! (They’re finished and just about ready to ship!) The designs keep getting better and better… but here’s a taste of what we’ve seen before… […] More
  • Stunning Designer Handbags - with Ethics!

    Stunning Designer Handbags – with Ethics!

    Beauty. History. Diversity. From the shore of the African desert we bring you Sahel Designs. An ancient, nomadic people of the Sahel, the Fulani, are the cowboys of West Africa. With the cow the heart of the Fulani culture so too is a rich tradition of refined leather work. A tradition that has come under […] More
  • Kasakosa's 12 Days of Christmas - photo recap

    Kasakosa’s 12 Days of Christmas – photo recap

    Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas!! We’ve been running photos of our beautiful stock over the 12 Days of Christmas to give you a better picture of some of the gifts available to you from Kasakosa. We’ve enjoyed showcasing them and by the looks of things you’ve enjoyed it too. So here it is in […] More