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  • Brand NEW Embroidered Parasols!!!

    Brand NEW Embroidered Parasols!!!

    We’ve got some Exciting NEWS for you! We have a brand new delivery of embroidered parasols on their way… you’ll be the first to know when they’re in… so watch this space! (They’re finished and just about ready to ship!) The designs keep getting better and better… but here’s a taste of what we’ve seen before… […] More
  • Gond Tribal Art from India

    Gond Tribal Art from India

    Moving through India you meet a lot of different people from vastly different communities throughout the country. Each region and it’s people are as diverse from one region to the next. From the mountains to the sea, the deserts to the jungle, from the tea plantations to the palaces and temples throughout. Travel to each area […] More
  • Stunning Designer Handbags - with Ethics!

    Stunning Designer Handbags – with Ethics!

    Beauty. History. Diversity. From the shore of the African desert we bring you Sahel Designs. An ancient, nomadic people of the Sahel, the Fulani, are the cowboys of West Africa. With the cow the heart of the Fulani culture so too is a rich tradition of refined leather work. A tradition that has come under […] More
  • Award winning rug weavers from U.P.

    Award winning rug weavers from U.P.

    Wool Rugs & U.P. Uttar Pradesh, once home to powerful empires of ancient and medieval India, lies a city called Mirzapur which is “situated on the south bank of the Ganges, it is the richest and most cultured part of India.” Mirzapur is well known for it’s rug industry. The household rug or dhurrie as it is […] More
  • 6 GREAT Reasons to Pop-in to Kasakosa this week!!

    6 GREAT Reasons to Pop-in to Kasakosa this week!!

    Here they are, as promised! 1. It’s your last chance… We’re closing 6pm this Saturday 31st Jan!! Fear not, we’re planning a few shows and expos this Summer and the website will always be there, but can you wait that long to see us!?? 2. To grab that much coveted item you’ve had your eyes on for the […] More
  • Eco friendly Woollen Throws from the Himalayas

    Eco friendly Woollen Throws from the Himalayas

    Soft Woollen throws from the Himalayan Weavers   Super soft, enormous and environmentally friendly… what more could you ask for in a throw!? Himalayan Wool that follows fair trade practices. Get yours quick, we’ve only got these 4 in stock!! £160 each. Call Karoline on 07931 307 810 to reserve yours now!! Blue – 152cm […] More
  • The Stansted Christmas Fayre

    The Stansted Christmas Fayre

    Come, Wish us a Merry Christmas at Stansted House Opening Times Friday 21st November • 12pm – 8pm Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd November • 10am – 5pm Entry Adult/Senior £6 (under 16yrs FREE) Please be advised that pushchairs are not permitted in Stansted House. No dogs, except those needed to assist. Tickets & Information […] More


    ‘Tis the season… As you all know it is a very enjoyable time of year, the days are drawing in as we relish the sunshine more than ever. The food becomes hearty and wholesome and families are coming together around lit fires all over the country. Most importantly, the season of giving is upon us, […] More
  • Launch Party - Thanks for coming!

    Launch Party – Thanks for coming!

    A fabulous day of sunshine, shopping and socialising Firstly a big thank you to everyone who came and made the day such a joyful one to be part of. It was a real pleasure inviting you into our home and sharing with you all of our beautiful brand new stock. What a beautiful day, one […] More
  • Special Delivery - Our first container has arrived!!

    Special Delivery – Our first container has arrived!!

    Christmas and Diwali have both come early this year Wow! IT’s finally here!! After months and months of tireless work from everyone here at Kasakosa we have been given cause to celebrate! After numerous hold ups and unexplained delays our first container of beautiful stock has arrived safely upon these fair shores. Even the arrival itself wasn’t without […] More