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Feeling the Love at Loseley

Feeling the Love at Loseley

Oh so lovely

After what is only our second show, I  think I can hazard to state that we’re starting to get the hang of it. In this short time we’ve built up a great love of the summer show.

A massive heart felt thank you to everyone, friends old and new, who supported us at the beautiful setting of Loseley Park the other weekend. Such a pleasure to be part of such a wonderful event, a big thank you to everyone who helped make it such a success, especially the organisers, who have been ever so welcoming.


What a Surprise!

Once again our amazing hand block printed and embroidered parasols stole the show and to our surprise we actually sold out completely!  Thank goodness a new shipment arrived on Wednesday after being held up in customs for a few days. The new colours are truly breathtaking so those of you who have not quite made up your minds which one to buy, you should definitely come and have a look at the new arrivals. There is a whole new spectrum of colour to chose from and I really could not say that I had a favourite one, well… as Bruce Forsyth would say, “They’re all my favourites!”.

Are you thinking of going to Loseley Gardens next year? Please let us know and by all means come and say hello! (online or in person)



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