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Gond Tribal Art from India

Gond Tribal Art from India

Moving through India you meet a lot of different people from vastly different communities throughout the country. Each region and it’s people are as diverse from one region to the next. From the mountains to the sea, the deserts to the jungle, from the tea plantations to the palaces and temples throughout.

Travel to each area and you’ll soon discover it’s unique flavour, it’s individual spice. As you may have guessed, the first thing to strike me is usually the areas own blend of cuisine, Indian restaurants in the UK barely even scratch the surface, but that’s a story for another time… delicious.

Rich in culture, a vast tapestry of textiles, music, religion, arts, crafts and commerce, India has a lifetimes worth of nuances to discover.

Madhya Pradesh, a subtropical state in  central India, nicknamed the heart of India due to it’s geographical location, is home to one such nuance. The Gond tribal community, and it’s art.

The Gond tribe is one of central India’s largest indigenous communities with over 4 million people and their art is an expression of their everyday quest for life. A widely held view amongst the Gond is that, “viewing a good image begets good luck.” So it’s not surprising that this auspicious art form is gaining popularity in the mainstream art market.

Ramesh Tekam (pictured with his wife) tells us that he has been painting for twenty two years, his style is defined with his bold strokes and use of vibrant colour and his paintings are filled with the beehive or paddy motif that is so typical of this genre of artist. Ramesh also tells us that his work is inspired by the animals and the forests of Patangarh that he so loved as a boy.

Kasakosa has formed a collection of Ramesh Tekam’s finest work… we’ve had them expertly mounted on a Snow White acid free matt and we’re now offering them for sale online and in person. So if you fancy supporting a talented indigenous Indian artist then please let us know. He’ll be delighted. The paintings really do warrant a viewing!



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