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Eco friendly Woollen Throws from the Himalayas

Eco friendly Woollen Throws from the Himalayas

Soft Woollen throws from the Himalayan Weavers

himalayan woollen throws


Super soft, enormous and environmentally friendly… what more could you ask for in a throw!? Himalayan Wool that follows fair trade practices. Get yours quick, we’ve only got these 4 in stock!! £160 each.
Call Karoline on 07931 307 810 to reserve yours now!!

Blue – 152cm x 222cm – XXL – £160
Green – 156cm x 224cm – XXL – £160
Red – 145cm x 228cm – XXL – £160
Teal – 144cm x 228cm – XXL – £160

natural fibres . natural dyes . no chemicals

A source of wool that is as soft as that of the Australian merino but native to Himachal Pradesh in the Himalayas.

This pure Himlayan wool, has been transformed into beautifully soft woollen throws by the traditional weavers and spinners of rural Uttarakhand. What’s more, the processes have been refined to require a low energy and low water consumption.


Fair Trade – Himalayan Weavers

It’s great to be working with another company who follow fair trade practices! Paying salaries much higher than those prevalent in their area, practicing gender equality through a policy of equal pay for equal work, subsidising medical expenses of their workers and encouraging weavers to work from home so that their other socio economic activities are unaffected.

All craftwork carries the “Craftmark” certified by the All India Artisans and Craftworkers Welfare Association. :)

We’re very excited about these throws and we’re confident that you’ve already fallen in love!

Watch this lovely video for a closer look!

HW from Ghayur Alam on Vimeo.


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