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Kasakosa at Loseley Park Garden Show 2015

Kasakosa at Loseley Park Garden Show 2015

It was lovely being back at Loseley again…

Such a romantic setting for a garden show.

With the show grounds of Loseley Park sitting directly in front of the house and extending far beyond the lake to the trees high up on the hill, it’s an area that’s perfect for a garden exhibition with a great sense of space afforded to each pitch.

Loseley Park is a very natural show ground that also has some rather beautiful elements. One being the fact that at this time of year it is home to a large number of geese who sometimes treat you to an aerial display of formation flying.

Another defining feature is the famed walled garden, that really is a spectacle worth beholding. it transports you to another world where beauty and mystery fill you with a sense of wonder as to the history and the accompanying stories that could have passed in such a magical setting.

Last year, owing much to the apparent micro climate of the site, we were lucky enough to avoid the electrical storms the blew through Guildford and therefore just safely out of the way, while we were soaking up lots of glorious the sunshine.

Unfortunately we weren’t quite so lucky this year.

The customers weren’t quite as forthcoming as the rain, but spirits were kept high with jokes shared amongst stallholders about small takings spent on hot beverages and soggy money used as floats.

May I just say, “Thank you so much!” to the house brass band who’s rendition of, Always look on the bright side of life, appeared alongside a number of other equally uplifting tunes in a repertoire that was very much suited to the rain.

The decision to call an early end to Friday was met with a cheer by many of the stallholders who by this time were cold and thoroughly wet through.

Saturday however graced us with some relatively good weather and as a result the people once again returned to the park to enjoy the delights that were on offer.

Sunday was yet again on the wet side but this time we were slightly more prepared, sporting our wet weather gear from the get go.

Kasakosa had a wonderful time sheltering from the elements under our marquee in what turned out to be more of a bonding exercise than a customer centric interactive event.

All in all, let it be said that Loseley Garden Show has been great for us in the past and it remains one of our favourites despite the washout this year.

A massive “Thank you!” to our friends Shelia and David Williams for putting us up in the local vicinity, you made the whole weekend such an enjoyable experience despite the weathers best efforts to dampen our spirits. Your hospitality really was quite wonderful and we can’t wait to repay the favour.

Love and blessings,

See you all soon,

Kasakosa x

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teatime in the tent - sheltering from the rain

teatime under the tent – sheltering from the rain

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Losely Park garden show - rainbow

photo courtesy of Loseley Park Garden Show http://www.thegardenshowonline.com/gardenshow_loseley/

Losely Park garden show - parasol

photo courtesy of Loseley Park Garden Show http://www.thegardenshowonline.com/gardenshow_loseley/

Loseley Park Garden Show house brass band

photo courtesy of Loseley Park Garden Show http://www.thegardenshowonline.com/gardenshow_loseley/


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