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Kasakosa at the RHS HCP Flower Show 2015 – 25th year

Kasakosa at the RHS HCP Flower Show 2015 – 25th year

One of the greatest flower shows on Earth…

In what was the 25th year celebrations Hampton Court Flower show was outstanding this year. Such a visual feast of garden splendour.

Boy was it HOT!! Spanning the week that saw the hottest day of the year (so far, at around 26 degrees)… it really was a scorcher and what better weather than this, to show off our fantastic collection of Indian Summer parasols!!

Exhibiting alongside some formidable names, with some formidable faces making fleeting appearances here and there. Karoline was particularly excited by the presence of one Monty Don who is a personal gardening hero of hers.

In what was the longest show we’ve done to date, stretching from Monday all the way to the following Sunday, but to be honest it flew by. RHS’ Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2015 was great, it was thoroughly enjoyable and we were thoroughly well engaged by visitors throughout. Thanks for your support! :)

As you probably already know, Hampton Court Palace Flower Show is a very popular garden show! From Tuesday through to Sunday it was exceptionally busy, with interest from all angles. We barely had any time to relax and take it all in ;) Needless to say, by Monday we were ready for some serious R & R…

Unfortunately, no such rest materialised because we had to move house and home (and shop) up to Lincolnshire, queue the removal men, which by all measures can be compared to a small hurricane within the walls of your home. (To read more about the relocation of Kasakosa… click here)

The quieter times throughout the week either called for rest or they called for exploration!

With so many wonderful gardens exhibited, so many different species of flower, so many wonderful garden products on display, the music in the bandstands, the food, the drink, the excitement,  it was all too much… not to mention the Palace grounds and the Palace itself! Here are a few photographs from our collection of journeys around the impressive site.


Hampton Court Palace collage

If you’d like to see more photos from Hampton Court Palace Flower Show please click here to view on fb or click here to view on pinterest.

Click here to see our photos of the palace and its grounds.

The amount of friendly faces and inquisitive people we met who shared an adoration for our Indian Summer Parasols was really quite incredible.

Kasakosa would love to thank you for making our week thoroughly enjoyable, it really was such a pleasure to meet you, to talk with you and to share in your happiness.

Health, wealth and prosperity x


If you were at Hampton Court or if you enjoyed our photos, liked reading about our adventure at Hampton Court Flower Show then please leave us a message below and we’ll get back to you. We do love hearing what you have to say!



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