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Caring for your Indian Parasol – An essential guide

Caring for your Indian Parasol – An essential guide

Now you have yourself a beautiful Indian parasol you’ll most likely want to look after it!


Thought as much! ;)

We would therefore like to share with you a few tips on how to keep it safe and care for it.

Prior to use

We recommend spraying your parasol with a fabric & upholstery water repellent. It’s best practice to do this twice a season. This will protect the design on the fabric and make your parasol easier to care for.

UV sprays are also available that will help keep those vivacious colours brighter for longer.

Wet weather

Always cover or take your Indian parasol inside if it rains, if the parasol gets damp then be sure to allow it to dry before you put it away. Do not put it away damp because it may become mouldy.

Dirt – do’s and don’ts

If your Indian parasol becomes dirty do not wash the canopy. Firstly because re-attaching it is a painstaking process that will require a few stitches to be made in the correct place but also because it will cause the fibres to swell and weaken and may cause the dye to run.

The dyes used in the block printing are colour fast and the re-worked antique fabric has already withstood many years of use but you never can be too careful. Definitely not worth the hassle.

A soft bristled brush is your best friend when it comes to spot cleaning, just make sure what your brushing has dried before you start.

We recommend using a clean white cloth with a ph neutral soap to dab at the marks gently until they have been removed. Leave to dry naturally. Because of the nature of the fabrics there may occasionally be some existing markings but these only add to the authenticity of the fabric and the overall character of the parasol.

Wear and tare

If the canopy becomes torn remember the adage, “a stitch in time saves nine.” Don’t be afraid to carry out minor repairs yourself.

Seasonal Storage

Before storing the parasol for the winter check it thoroughly and brush off any dirt or debris. Gently remove any marks as instructed.

Once clean, leave your parasol to dry for at least a day before being stored.

Store your Indian parasol in the canvas bag as this will protect it from the dust (and spiders) and allow the air to circulate.


Now go, have fun and enjoy yourself!

Thanks for reading! x