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Indian Parasol FAQs

Indian Parasol FAQs

Indian Parasol FAQ’s


OK, so here they are, our Indian Parasol frequently asked questions, compiled just for you!

Are they easy to put up?

Yes. Please click here to see our detailed how to guide.

What are they like in the wind?

As you may know we’ve exhibited the parasols all around the country and we’ve encountered a variety of different conditions. You’ll be pleased to know that we’ve been thoroughly impressed with how they’ve held up in the winds. Strong and stable.

What are they like in the rain?

Our parasols have been designed for the sunshine, the word parasol literally means sun shield so whilst they would still look beautiful in the rain, we wouldn’t recommend using them in such a way. You can always put a cover on it until the rain stops! Please click here for a more detailed guide on caring for your Indian parasol.

What are they like in the sunshine?

Fabulous! ;)

Do they fade?

We can reliably inform you, that they age graciously, as I’m sure you’d agree! All natural fabrics that are exposed to the sun will eventually fade but we can assure you that will not affect the beauty of your parasol. They are antique fabrics that have stood the test of time so far.

Can you take them to the beach?

Why yes! We would absolutely recommend that you do. They make for excellent company. They come in a portable canvas bag that conveniently slips over your shoulder. They sink nicely into the sand and they make great screens too, perfect for creating your own secluded spot. Don’t limit yourself to the beach either… get creative and please do send us a photo!

Are they easy to look after?  /  What are they like to keep clean?
Do they go in the washing machine?

All questions relating to care have been answered in another article, please click here for detailed instructions.

Will it fit through my table?  /  Will it fit in my parasol stand?

The diameter of the pole is slender 2.25cm


If you’ve still got a burning question about our Indian Parasols that you need answering, or you’d like to suggest another for our list then why not send us a message or email us at info@kasakosa.com

Thank you!