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Putting up your Indian parasol

Putting up your Indian parasol

“It’s a Parasol,” you say, “how hard can it be!?”


If, like many, you’re superstitious then don’t put it up inside…

However, if you bought it for your conservatory then disregard that last piece of advice and remember it’s a parasol and not an umbrella ;)


A Strong Grounding

Before you expand the canopy…

Insert the shaft of the parasol (the other pole) into a stand / parasol base / a table or into the ground.

Ideally you have a suitably heavy and thus relatively immobile parasol base.
(We are on the hunt for some classy parasol bases so please bear with us…)

Our Indian Parasols have been designed to easily fit into most parasol stands (and thus through tables as well) so no worries on that front.

Whilst inserting the supporting pole into the ground it is advisable to use a ground spike (not supplied) to create a hole for inserting the shaft of the parasol into. They have been designed to be “smashed into the ground” with a heavy mallet, the parasols on the other hand have not.

If the ground is soft and your muscles are lean then you might even be able to manage to push it in (a little bit at least).

If you must use a mallet on the parasol then try not to apply the force directly, use a buffer, some thick cardboard or a piece of wood but we advise you to take care because we do not accept returns for cracked poles. You have been warned. :) If you have cracked your pole then we do offer replacements at a reasonable price. (email us)


A Safe Depth

We’d recommend inserting the pole into the ground by at least 8 inches, especially if you plan on setting your parasol at a tilt.

Push it in slightly further if the wind is blowing.

Let it be noted that we have been impressed by the parasols’ ability to withstand the wind but please do take it down if a strong wind starts to get up. Better safe than sorry.

Now that the pole is secure you need to pop that parasol up…


Popping the Parasol

Holding it by the pole, near the bottom, point the Parasol towards the floor. It’s easier when gravity is on your side!

Extend the canopy slowly. Re-adjust your grip and bring your hands close together towards the catching mechanism, you’ll find it a lot easier to reach that threshold (pop) point.

When the parasol is new this will be harder to achieve than once you’ve been using it for a while.


A Strong Connection

Making the connection between the two parts (the two poles) can be done either with an extended canopy or while it is still down. I personally prefer the former as it allows you to position the angle of the parasol in full bloom plus you won’t have to reach up on your tippy toes.

If you’d like to operate the other way round then by all means be my guest, just be careful of your fingers and the catch.

Support the weight of the parasol on your shoulder whilst fastening the butterfly nut and bolt.

Once the nut is on the bolt then you’ll find it much easier adjusting the angle of the “blooming parasol.” 

Use the bolt to help take some weight while choosing where to align the knuckles of the joint.

Ensure you fasten it as tight as you can. Righty tighty. Lefty loosey…


Coming Down

Take the parasol down in reverse, just the same as it went up. Follow those breadcrumbs all the way home!


Just for good measure

At all times, please take care of your fingers, your back, and your entire self… we like it when you’re not in pain.


Practice makes perfect

Once you are familiar with the way the parasol works, it’s easy.

Just let it come naturally,

Stay safe and have fun.

Thanks for reading!

Kasakosa x