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Last Chance to Say Hello!!

Last Chance to Say Hello!!

Come in before we Close!

Kasakosa will be closing it’s doors this Sunday after what has been a wonderful three week outing in the historic market town of Petersfield.

It’s been a great experience for us meeting new people everyday and such wonderful feedback we’ve been receiving about our products! We really appreciate the support and are extremely grateful to everyone who’s been in to support us, in what’s been an incredibly educational and inspirational journey.

From a long weekend whitewashing the walls and re-arranging the furniture to friendly first impressions from local shopkeepers and customers alike.

Highlights including the wild festivities throughout the town, wasn’t Petersfield Christmas Market fun!? We especially enjoyed the horse dressed as a reindeer with the flashing nose!

Click here to have a look at our top ten from Petersfield festival.

From the madness of the festival to the quiet before the storm. A feeling of calm has descended over the town one last time before the mad rush for last minute presents that we’re expecting this weekend… We hope you’re nice and prepared this year :)

Plenty of Last minute #Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift ideas Kasakosa

Don’t miss out on some Yuletide warmth

If you do get chance please come in and see us this Weekend because come Sunday 6pm (21st December) we will be just about ready for hibernation and we will be closing our doors for the Winter…  due to the nature of our Pop-up shop, we are unsure as to when and where we will be returning.

So thank you once again for having visited us. May you have a fun filled festive season and plenty of cause for celebration. We look forward to seeing you again in the New year at one of our Summer shows!

If you can’t wait that long, don’t forget that you can shop with us anytime online at www.kasakosa.com reach us via email info@kasakosa.com and we’re always available during sociable hours on the telephone.

Karoline 07931 307 810

Hopefully we’ll see you this weekend and a Merry Christmas!


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