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The Petersfield Christmas Market – Ten things we LOVED

The Petersfield Christmas Market – Ten things we LOVED

Petersfield Christmas Festival Market 2104

This list is for everyone who came to Petersfield to partake in the Festive celebrations!

  1. Mince pies and Cava – What’s a Christmas party without Mince pies!? A little bit of Cava doesn’t hurt either.
  2. Seeing Petersfield full of thousands of people… It really was a festival atmosphere.
  3. The horse dressed up as a reindeer with a red flashing nose that seemed to neigh on command – impressive!
  4. Handbag hints to husbands – our designer handbags were certainly proving popular with the ladies.
  5. Lunchtime Bubble and squeak from a stall in the square – food market perfection.
  6. When the rain stopped – what a relief :) Like sunshine on a cloudy day, well… almost.
  7. Kasakosa Kikoys – an all time favourite gift, a very popular Christmas present!
  8. Having a shop presence – a little bit of high street real estate to call our home during the festival.
  9. Lots and lots of people #Popping-in including our very good customers, Helen and Anna Marshall, always a pleasure :)
  10. Christmas Joy – Petersfield Christmas Festival Market was shining!


Good times and a Very Merry Christmas!

Everyone here at Kasakosa had such a wonderful time, so please allow us to extend a real heartfelt thank you to everyone who helped make the Petersfield Christmas market 2014 so special.

May you have a remarkable festive season worth remembering!

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Oh and if you were there and happened to join in on the celebrations please leave us a comment.. we’d absolutely love to hear from you!


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