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Stunning Designer Handbags – with Ethics!

Stunning Designer Handbags – with Ethics!

Beauty. History. Diversity.

From the shore of the African desert we bring you Sahel Designs.

An ancient, nomadic people of the Sahel, the Fulani, are the cowboys of West Africa. With the cow the heart of the Fulani culture so too is a rich tradition of refined leather work.

A tradition that has come under threat from an unlikely source.. the motorcycle. The updated form of transport has seen this form of vehicular decoration become somewhat outmoded. A crying shame because those horses looked spectacular, wouldn’t you agree!?

fulani horse rider- show jumping fulani horse rider












Sahel Designs have gone to great lengths to preserve and revive this traditional West African craft and put it to use in a contemporary perspective… Stunning Designer Handbags!!

All of SAHEL Design’s bags incorporate the traditionally hand woven leather straps and tassels, made according to ancient techniques by Fulani reins makers. Each bag being made by talented, independent craftspeople who are paid fairly and take pride in their work.

Not only do these products help preserve a rich tradition of leather work but the profits are reinvested into the local community to provide better access to health care, education and clean water. Sahel Designs – seriously, what’s not to love!?

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