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Special Delivery – Our first container has arrived!!

Special Delivery – Our first container has arrived!!

Christmas and Diwali have both come early this year

Wow! IT’s finally here!! After months and months of tireless work from everyone here at Kasakosa we have been given cause to celebrate!

After numerous hold ups and unexplained delays our first container of beautiful stock has arrived safely upon these fair shores.

Even the arrival itself wasn’t without it’s hardships! Somehow it was scheduled in to arrive when Karoline was manning the fort by herself (usually there’s a strapping lad around to help shift this kind of stuff). Fear not because Karoline loves solving problems and felt that she was up for the challenge. Completely unfazed by the daunting prospect of emptying the lorry within a narrow window of 2 hours, she began in earnest.

“I had a real battle on my hands, so I got stuck in..  it turns out I got everything off the lorry with plenty of time to spare”

It was a valiant effort, however, the battle was not yet over for Karoline for she had only emptied the lorry… the real challenge had just begun.. moving everything from where it presently sat to getting it safely inside Kasakosa hq. Yet another physically demanding process given the nature of the parcels and the distance they still had to travel.

Time for a cup of tea to steady the nerves. Enter Kim, tea maker extraordinaire.

Strength rejuvenated and an accomplice by the side Karoline set about moving the parcels indoors.

“I was on a role so it occurred very naturally, moving each item, one by one, until everything was inside.”

Short of breath and overcome with excitement, it was now time to unwrap the numerous parcels that we had long awaited.

Armed with nothing but eager anticipation and one stanley knife between them Karoline and Kim set about opening the well wrapped parcels.

…And boy, did those parcels knock us off our feet! Each item as it was unwrapped was a little shock of excitement and joy. The hand selected items were as astounding as we remembered. I sincerely, can’t wait to share these wonderful items with you.

Time to prep for our launch party!

Happy days x


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