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15 Spring tips for your Summer Garden

15 Spring tips for your Summer Garden

Get set for Summer

Being avid nature lovers and keen gardeners ourselves we thought we’d share with you a thing or two we’ve learnt over the years… Let us know what you think!

Preparation is key

Work wisely

1 • Set yourself some garden goals. The key to success lies in focusing your energies smartly, through the setting of objectives. A grand overture needs a little preparation ;) Know what you want to get out of your garden this season and break these targets down into a smart set of achievable goals.

Sharpen up

2 • It’s important to ensure your tools are right for the job ahead. Ensure your tools are in good working order and that you have sufficient scope in your itinerary. Identify the areas where you’re lacking and move to fill these gaps. Don’t be afraid to borrow specialist tools from friends, not everyone needs their very own chainsaw!

Smarten up

3 • Right, it’s time to get the mower out! The lawn is often used as a good catalyst for getting the garden in shape. Start by getting the lawn looking nice and it’ll have a dramatic difference on the overall appearance of your entire Summer garden. Just make sure it’s been serviced first, because you don’t want it conking out half way through a session, leaving you with a diametrically opposed juxtaposition of a lawn. Unless you’re going for the avant-garde look, that is. (yes, you guessed it, it has just happen to me)


Head back to nature

Put your back into it

4 • Get started on the weeding, prevention is the best cure. Focus on those areas that’ll see the most action… don’t be afraid to get down on your knees, it’ll save your back. Believe it or not, a little soil under the finger nails is meant to help combat depression. Mother Nature is after all a great healer. Wether you’re using gloves or not…. make sure you choose a pesticide/herbicide that’s safe for bees :) Avoid using all types of neonicotonoids. The future of all life on this planet depends on your co-operation… (no pressure)!


5 • Get composting – now is the best time to get started, set aside some space at the bottom of your garden and learn how, plus you’re going to have to put those grass clippings and weeds somewhere. Re-connect with nature and re-cycle green materials from your household and garden, that’ll create a wealth of organic fertiliser. Now watch your garden flourish!

Share the wealth

6 • Think of the Wildlife – add diversity to your Summer Garden by encouraging local residents into your garden be it with chopped boiled eggs for the hedgehogs or feeders filled with seeds for the birds. The re-connection process will offer you an enormous sense of wellbeing, they’ll also help protect your plants by eating many of those unwelcome slugs, snails and insects.


Re-vitalise your Summer Garden

Stay hydrated

7 • Invest in a water butt. Not only will it save you on your water bill but it’ll come in handy when there’s a hosepipe ban. Living in a country where there’s no shortage of rain means it’ll still be full during those times of need. Your garden will definitely thank you later!

Soak yourself in Sunshine

8 • Identify the sunny spots in your garden throughout the day. Know where the sun will be shining and at what time, it’ll allow you to re-purpose those areas and maximise your enjoyment of the life giving energies of the sun.

Dine in style

9 • Re-discover the wonders of your very own alfresco dining area – With the weather getting warmer and the evenings getting brighter the Summer is on its way, plenty of a great times ahead for enjoying your meals outside.

Carve out a shady spot

10 • Why not treat yourself to an Indian Summer Garden Parasol!?  Whether you’re using it as a sunshade for a sun lounger or to simply enhance your alfresco dining experience, it’ll refine and enrich your entire Summer Garden :)


Get Planting your Summer Garden

A touch of taste

11 • Add some culinary herbs to your garden. If you love flavoursome food then why not grow your own herbs, it’s incredibly rewarding.

Get back to your roots

12 • You know what tastes great with herbs.. yes that’s right, Vegetables – once you’ve grown your first tomato plant, there’s no turning back. I’m sure you’ll feel the same way. Wether you’re using planters or going “off piste,” we wish you the best of luck and maximum enjoyment. Edible landscaping tips can be found here.

Think of the puddings!

13 • Grow lots of delicious fruit – enrich your summer garden with yet more flavours by planting an edible arboretum. Spark the curiosity in the minds of your children by showing them the incredible creative nature of Mother Nature and the delicious possibilities of a well kept Summer garden. Apples, pears, cherries, rhubarbs and raspberries to name but a few strong options.

Be bold

14 • Flowers – add a splash of colour to your Summer garden. Test the ph of your soil to better understand which flowers will flourish. The brighter the better, don’t you think?


Get Giving

15 • Give Gifts from your Summer garden, be generous and joyful. A home grown treat is guaranteed to raise a smile or two and adds a very thoughtful, personal element. Elderflower champagne is always a good place to get started!

So all that’s left is to stick with it, until it’s time to sit back and enjoy your success! Oh, and don’t forget to share it with us below. We love hearing from you and a photo or two from your garden will make us very happy indeed :)



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