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Kasakosa’s top TEN benefits of meditation

Kasakosa’s top TEN benefits of meditation

Kasakosa’s top TEN benefits of meditation

Having spent a fair amount of time in India, it was only a matter of time before I discovered the beautiful act of meditation.

There is a saying that states that you should try and meditate for at least 1hour a day and… for those of you who don’t have time… meditate for 2 hours ;)

Regular meditation can have many benefits for you physically and mentally, here’s a list of my favourites:

1. Increase the amount of LOVE you have for yourself. As you probably already know; Loving yourself is really important.

2. Enjoy increased positivity – learn to release all your guilt, shame, fear and other useless negative thoughts, it’ll do you wonders.

3.  Increased intuition – listen to your own wisdom, after all you know best.

4. Benefit from a calm, quietening of the mind – silence is golden.

5. Increased self discipline – practice makes perfect.

6. Enjoy a better CONNECTION with yourself and your body.

7. A better connection with the universe – get a glimpse of your own infinity within.

8. A renewed excitement for life. – you’ve just discovered infinity within, right!?

9. A renewed sense of what’s important in your life. Superficial problems begin to fade into the background.

10. Increased BRAIN power. Operate on a higher level.


5 bonus benefits

OK, so it was only meant to be TEN but here are 5 bonus benefits… let’s just say I got carried away…

11. Improved HEALTH. The human body has an amazing ability to heal itself, just watch how this improves with carefully guided meditations.

12.  Increased immunity and stronger resistance to illness.

13. Makes you and those around you happier.

14. Loss of ego, once you get in touch with your mind and you start to realise how it works, you begin to realise which part of you is making the decisions in your life. LOVE your ego, thank it and let it go.

15. Increased tolerance (yes, this one is super handy).

So, I hope this inspires you to give meditation a go, or at least to do some further reading…


A simple meditation 

Sit with your spine straight. Make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes and slowly breathe.

Turn your focus onto your breath, watch it. Fill your lungs full of fresh oxygen, notice how this feels!!

Breathe in this positive feeling and then… RELEASE. Breathe out your negative thoughts and emotions.
Let it all go :) 
Let any passing thoughts go and return your focus to your breath.

Give this simple technique 5 minutes a day and you’re well on the road to enjoying all of the above benefits. Simple as that.

Click on the comments section below and let us know how you’re getting on.. or if you have any other techniques for us to try? We’re always open to new ideas :)

Thanks x


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