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Top of the Pops – Week One

Top of the Pops – Week One

Kasakosa opens it’s doors!

Auspicious Signs – A promising start

In India, the lucky first sale is known as “the bonnie.” A tradition shared amongst shopkeepers nationwide, that sometimes gets used as a persuasive bargaining tool. Thankfully for us it arose organically and on this occasion the particularly auspicious item was a set of our Hand Appliqued Organza Curtains… Delightful, dreamy, delicate and soft, very versatile and an absolute Kasakosa favourite.

Putting the Pop back in the Shop

Having collected the keys on the Friday and then realising what a state the property was in, we knew that we had our work cut out for us. To turn it all around within two days before we opened our doors to the high street was going to be a challenge!

Floors needed cleaning, windows needed cleaning, walls needed painting, furniture needed moving and our Pop-up Shop needed “popping”.

After a quick trip to the hardware store and an even quicker trip home for the stepladders and a helping hand. We set about cleaning the property from top to bottom. Not a detail missed. Especially the beautiful bay windows at the front of the shop that had been plastered with lots and lots of very resilient decals that somewhat unhelpfully all pertained to motoring.

Rugs were laid and walls were painted and all the stock was bought in. Kasakosa was coming together. However it was getting late and we needed to call it a day.

Still unpacking on Monday morning.

Monday morning rolls around and we’re ready to Pop, well… almost! As this project is constantly evolving it makes sense to keep a dynamic setup. A set up that keeps us busy and keeps the stock fresh and yes as the title suggests we were still organising and unpacking our wares by the time the first customers came by.

Everyone in Petersfield has been incredibly friendly, with lots of people #PoppingIn to have a look.

“Are you new?? Oh yes!”

The locals have been very welcoming… Shopkeepers from up the road even popped in to wish us luck.

The local newspaper wrote an article and one lovely pet shop owner even brought us over some dog biscuits for Fergus, who incidentally has been keeping Karoline company throughout the day.

One week in and we’re loving it

Thanks to our friends, family and all the familiar faces who have been so supportive… and of course, to all those friendly new faces, we’ve enjoyed meeting you!

If you’ve not managed to come in yet, then what are you waiting for… please come in and have a look!! Our doors are open!! What’s more, we’ve got lots of wonderful stock on display… Our products are mostly unique items so you must remember… once it’s gone, it’s gone for good!

A good day to come would be tomorrow! Sunday the 7th December because it’s also Petersfield’s Christmas market!! A fun festive family day out.

Kasakosa is in Petersfield until Sunday the 21st of December… Hope to see you before we’re gone :)

Why not have a little look at our online shop to get the taste!? We believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


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